JMX MBean View

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MBean description:

JNDIView Service. List deployed application java:comp namespaces, the java: namespace as well as the global InitialContext JNDI namespace.

List of MBean attributes:

Name Type Access Value Description
Name java.lang.String R JNDIView The class name of the MBean
State int R 3 The status of the MBean
StateString java.lang.String R Started The status of the MBean in text form
HANamingService java.lang.String RW The HANamingService service name

List of MBean operations:

java.lang.String list()

Output JNDI info as text

Param ParamType ParamValue ParamDescription
verbose boolean True False If true, list the class of each object in addition to its name

java.lang.String listXML()

Output JNDI info in XML format

void create()

Standard MBean lifecycle method

void start()

The start lifecycle operation

void stop()

The stop lifecycle operation

void destroy()

The destroy lifecycle operation

void jbossInternalLifecycle()

The detyped lifecycle operation (for internal use only)

Param ParamType ParamValue ParamDescription
method java.lang.String The lifecycle operation